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The story of one determined man and his relentless search for the elusive chupacabra.

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Marc Schtrappe is a 30-year-old Frenchman living in sub-tropical South Florida. He hunts chupacabras. Join us as we explore this unique life, and his unique quest in search of the mysterious blood-drinking animal, the chupacabra.

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What happened last night? If Clarissa wants to find out, it will take plenty of courage -- preferably liquid courage.

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Checkpoint7: Porn-Quality Acting, without the Redeeming Smut.


Checkpoint7 is responsible for the five-part smash-hit series, THE CHUPACABRA HUNTER, as well as the critical favorite and cult-classic DEFRAUDER ATOLL.


Coming Soon: Venus Envy
Betty Mandez is a woman with a dream: a dream of a more perfect life, a more perfect self. Just one unsightly body part stands between her and fulfillment: you've seen the stories about people battling nature, or evil, or even themselves, but none of these prepared you for this ultimate battle between a woman and her own left arm.


Defrauder Atoll: Released Summer 2009

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