Is local, amateur theatre taken global by means of youtube and the internet.


Checkpoint7 productions was founded in the Fall of 2008 when Amy Letter asked her cousin Matt if he'd be willing to play a character that was a cross between Jacques Cousteau and Alex Jones. Matt replied that that wasn't a character; that was him! And the Chupacabra Hunter was born.

The Chupacabra Hunter was planned as a 5 minute web film, but it proved so popular that four more episodes were made, including an extended 5th and final episode which so thoroughly jumps the shark that no further episodes will ever be possible, or, at least, advisable.


Filming on Defrauder Atoll began just months after The Chupacabra Hunter had been laid to rest. Starring Mary Volpe as Clarissa La Fugue and Adam Cooke as the mysterious Johnny Lane, Defrauder Atoll was a more polished bit of film-making -- it even merited its own sub-division of Checkpoint7, "Homemade Twinkies Productions." Though it sadly wanted for French accents, it did not want for Matthew Letter, who returned to play "Norm," the hapless caterer who knows too much. After a brutal filming schedule and even more brutal post-production, Defrauder Atoll was released at a gala event in Fort Lauderdale on July 10, 2009. "Defrauder Atoll" is an anagram of "Fort Lauderdale."


Venus Envy is Checkpoint7's first solo project. Checkpoint7 is, you might have guessed by now, the video arm of Amy Letter, a writer and artist living in South Florida, and all of Checkpoint7's films are written, directed, filmed, and edited by Amy alone. Venus Envy is the first project that dares to tread into more "serious" territory, taking on the adaptation of Amy's award-winning short story, "Venus Envy." This adaptation includes no outside actors, voices, or recordings. It will either be brilliant or a brilliant failure. Either way, it will be fun.


Checkpoint7 plans to keep making low-rent comedy productions for as long as actors continue to volunteer.


Bowling Bag

The pink bowling bag icon depicts an actual pink bowling bag purchased at the Women in Distress thrift store for $1 in 1990. It was union-made in the USA. It's pink. It's a bowling bag. It's everything that Checkpoint7 Productions stands for, in icon form.