The Chupacabra Hunter

The story of one determined man and his relentless search for the elusive chupacabra.

Marc Schtrappe is a 30-year-old Frenchman living in sub-tropical South Florida. He hunts chupacabras. Join us as we explore this unique life, and his unique quest in search of the mysterious blood-drinking animal, the chupacabra.



Marc Schtrappe . . . Matthew Letter

Jennifer . . . Julia Mason

Harold . . . Dean Struempf

Kelli . . . Kristin Mathis

Miriam Joseph . . . Nini

Brainerd Kellogg . . . RD Adams

Puacer 1 . . . G Malone

Jason . . . Eric Mason

Bebe Schtrappe . . . Noah

Protester 1 . . . Brian Dillman

Protester/Puacer 2 . . . Brian Spears

Interviewer/Narrator . . . Amy Letter


Written and Directed by
Amy Letter

Martial Arts Choreography
Julia Mason and Kristin Mathis

Stunt Driving
Brian "One Take" Spears

Amy Letter and Brian Spears

Brian Spears

Amy Letter

T-Shirts by
South Florida Strip Tees


A Checkpoint7 Production

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thechupacabrahunter [ a t ] gmail

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This film was made with iMovie




Episode 1: Meet Marc Schtrappe

A peek into the life of Marc Schtrappe, a French transplant to America whose raison d'etre is a beast of Mexican origins.

Episode 2: O.T.I.S. at the Zoo

Marc discovers the trail of the chupacabra leads right to the city zoo. He begins a one-man campaign to pressure the zoo into admitting that it is harboring chupacabras.



Episode 3: More to Marc than Meets the Eye?

We meet some of the most important people in Marc's life, including his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his son.We get her perspective on Marc's quest.

Episode 4: PUAC: People United Against Chupacabras

The first meeting of Marc's community group, PUAC, bears surprising fruit. One member goes on to make great strides in the fight against the chupacabra, only to suffer a crushing setback.





Episode 5: Meet the Chupa

While recording footage of Marc's family life, a world-changing call comes in: at long last the elusive chupacabra finds its way before our video cameras!